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About us

Erigworld.com is a virtual e-learning platform, and it is a division of Rigworld Multiservices. It is an e-learning hub that is involved in laying a sound foundation for aspiring candidates through its innovative teaching techniques. It is a time saver for the candidates, as they won't have to waste time in searching for oil and natural gas educational content. Our team has done a thorough research and developed useful educational content. E-Rigworld is a platform where candidates will get complete oil and natural gas educational content explained with the help of detailed video presentations, applying innovative teaching techniques, and making learning more interactive. Erigworld.com also provides technical well control training, well intervention training, stuck pipe prevention training and safety training. Extend the learning boundaries beyond classroom walls.

Who we are

E-Rigworld is a Virtual Platform for Well Control, Safety, and Technical Training.      E-Rigworld training program developed to meet industry demands as per the global training and certification standards. Our training provides a great learning experience that advances, upgrades, and relates real-world skills to inspire assertive decisions and strategy executions that drive transformational value

What we do

We provide numerous technical training to the oil and gas professionals as well as the to the newcomers to enhance their career prospects in the Oil or Natural Gas industries. The training will provide an insight on safe drilling practices and the relevant technical stuffs to boost technical knowledge and skills.